Hi, I’m Randie! I am the owner of Claybella Studio, a sister company of Faye Daniel Designs. I am proud to say that we have been designing jewelry and accessories since 2004. Now, we are thrilled to bring our newest venture, Claybella to the world.

Who Are We?

After years of building relationships with thousands of brides through our parent company, Faye Daniel Designs, we began searching for a new avenue to continue creating jewelry and work not only with our past clients but with new ones as well! From here we began to pursue different facets of jewelry design and it wasn’t long until we knew that clay jewelry was next.

Why Claybella?

The name Claybella has meaning in many different ways. Both a family name, Bella, and inspired from the beauty of clay jewelry and artifacts in Italy, Claybella seemed the perfect fit.

Why Polymer Clay?

While looking for materials for earrings, we knew we wanted our designs to be comfortable to wear but also versatile and stunning to the eye. Not only is it pliable but can also be easily manipulated through a multitude of mediums to bring our vision of a finished product to life. Each piece becomes its own work of art.

What sets us apart?

We operate out of a design studio fit for a multitude of different types of jewelry and accessories. From freshwater pearls to semi-precious stones to nature inspired pieces like handpicked, dried leaves and flowers. Our showroom is fully equipped for designs of every style, as seen through each unique capsule collection.

New Release